A Walk In The South

We are currently on holiday in Rogaland, in the south of Norway, with our freinds Tim and Tracy.

Yesterday Sarah and Tracy ate ice cream, whilst Tim and I expended calorie on their behalf with a walk in the mountains. The countryside here is very dramatic, with rivers, sometimes calm and sometimes boiling, at the bottom of very steep sided valleys. Our walk began at the bottom of one of these valleys:

After an initial walk past (and over) huge boulders, we passed a lake, good enough to swim in, if we had time:


Then up a steeper bit, with chains for help!

A first look back the way we had come:

Later the valley opened out into landscape more familiar of Senja, in north Norway:


And some rather British looking heather:

After some more steep sided woodland, we got to the point where the valley divided in two. This is the view up the wider of them, toward the new ‘tourist hut’:

Having hummed and harred (?) about where to eat dinner, we eventually headed for the waterfalls just below the hut. We ate our sandwiches and cooled off in the river:

After lunch we had a slightly faster return, which included going back over two new, but rather swingy, suspension bridges:


Looking back at the waterfalls, having made it over the bridge!

Back beside the river:

At the intersection of the two ‘header’ valleys, was an old farm, with evidence of the original ‘road’ and stone walls:

All that remains now is a slightly dilapidated ‘hut’:


Then it was back to the steep sided main valley for the return:

At one point the footpath crossed a river, which ran at about 60 degrees, almost like a water chute. The crossing place seemed to be about the only level area on it’s whole descent. Thankfully, despite a lot of recent rain, this river was just a trickle:

Safe home and showered, we enjoyed Sarah’s birthday meal and yummy home made carrot cake. The candles each represent 5 years.

Thanks to Tim for the extra photos, and Tracy for the cake!


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