Hexham Methodist Church – England

Hexham Methodist Church, England

Builder: Peter Conacher & Co (Huddersfield)

Rebuilt: Nelson & Co (Durham) 1913

Rebuilt: Harrison & Harrison (Durham ) 1982


16’          Double Diapason
8’            Open Diapason
8’            Lieblich Gedakt
8′           Dulciana
4′           Principal
2 2/3′  Twelfth
2′           Fifteenth
8′           Clarinet
8′           Violin Diapason
8′           Rohr Flute
8′           Viol d’Orchestra
8′           Viol Celeste
4′           Gemshorn
2′           Piccolo
8′           Cornopean
8′           Oboe
16’         Bourdon
16’         Bass Flute
8′           Open Diapason
4′           Octava
Swell to Great
Great to Pedal
Swell to Pedal
Swell Octave
Swell Suboctave
Swell Octave to Great
Swell Suboctave to Great

Manuals: C-c4
Pedals:  C-f1
Exhaust pneumatic action
6 thumb pistons
6 toe pistons
Temperament: Equal

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