ALS Concert Video

Back in February we had another fund raising concert for ALS / Motor Neuron research. We’ve finally finished the video, which includes most of the concert. The songs are a mixture of English and Norwegian, each with subtitiles to the other language. It was too much work to subtitle our talking, so ask someone who speaks Norwegian to tell you what we’re saying!

The concert opens with an organ piece, but everything else is more contemporary, with about half the songs written by us. Two songs were written since Jon was diagnosed with ALS, but whilst they tackle difficult themes, neither were written out of anger or sorrow (it almost felt like a ‘download’ of someone else’s text).

The sound is CD quality so we recommend headphones or good speakers for the full effect!

If you want to ‘navigate’ to an individual song, here is an index:

  • 00:15 Nun danket alle Gott (S. Karg Elert)
  • 03:05 Lov Gud i Hans helligdom (J. Blamire)
  • 07:46 Naetre illaatha (Vairamuthu & A.R. Rahman)
  • 12:27 E du nord? (K. Bremnes)
  • 17:53 Selmas sang (E. Weel Skram)
  • 22:21 Gje Dæ Ly (K. Bremnes)
  • 27:15 Pie Jesu (A. Lloyd Weber)
  • 32:50 Winter in July (J. Blamire)
  • 38:00 I trust in You alone (J. Blamire)
  • 44:15 Herre hør min bønn (J. Blamire)
  • 50:47 Har du fyr (O. Bremnes)
  • 56:23 Come Holy Spirit, make my heart Your own (J. Blamire)
  • 1:00:48 All things bright and beautiful (O. Fredriksen)