Egersund And Eigerøy

Continuing our holiday in the south, we had a half day trip to Egersund, a pretty little town on the coast, and Eigerøy, the island behind which Egersund shelters.

On the way we drove beside a very popular salmon fishing river (even the king of Norway fishes there).


At one point there is a particularly ferocious waterfall, so in order to encourage fish past it, they have built a salmon ladder:

In Egersund we had the obligatory visit to the chocolate shop (hand made chocolates, home made chocolate cakes, and hot chocolate to wash it down), visited the church (closed, because the summer holidays finished in the south of Norway last week), and had a bit of a wander:

And finally, on to Eigerøy (the island), to see the old lighthouse (fyrstasjon). It’s about a mile walk from the car park: idylic in the late summer sun, but probably very windswept in the winter!


We were greeted by what I assumed were the rather delapidated remains:

Sometimes it’s good to be wrong, and walking up the final hill, we saw the real lighthouse!


It is apparently Norways first iron lighthouse, and is still active, although automated, and with a tea room in the old keepers house.

Egersund_And_Eigerooy_033 Egersund_And_Eigerooy_032 Egersund_And_Eigerooy_030

Whilst Tim and I took photos, Sarah tried the rocks for comfort:


Here is a very strange looking ship, and some of the flora and fauna we encountered:

Another wonderful day.

A Walk In The South

We are currently on holiday in Rogaland, in the south of Norway, with our freinds Tim and Tracy.

Yesterday Sarah and Tracy ate ice cream, whilst Tim and I expended calorie on their behalf with a walk in the mountains. The countryside here is very dramatic, with rivers, sometimes calm and sometimes boiling, at the bottom of very steep sided valleys. Our walk began at the bottom of one of these valleys:

After an initial walk past (and over) huge boulders, we passed a lake, good enough to swim in, if we had time:


Then up a steeper bit, with chains for help!

A first look back the way we had come:

Later the valley opened out into landscape more familiar of Senja, in north Norway:


And some rather British looking heather:

After some more steep sided woodland, we got to the point where the valley divided in two. This is the view up the wider of them, toward the new ‘tourist hut’:

Having hummed and harred (?) about where to eat dinner, we eventually headed for the waterfalls just below the hut. We ate our sandwiches and cooled off in the river:

After lunch we had a slightly faster return, which included going back over two new, but rather swingy, suspension bridges:


Looking back at the waterfalls, having made it over the bridge!

Back beside the river:

At the intersection of the two ‘header’ valleys, was an old farm, with evidence of the original ‘road’ and stone walls:

All that remains now is a slightly dilapidated ‘hut’:


Then it was back to the steep sided main valley for the return:

At one point the footpath crossed a river, which ran at about 60 degrees, almost like a water chute. The crossing place seemed to be about the only level area on it’s whole descent. Thankfully, despite a lot of recent rain, this river was just a trickle:

Safe home and showered, we enjoyed Sarah’s birthday meal and yummy home made carrot cake. The candles each represent 5 years.

Thanks to Tim for the extra photos, and Tracy for the cake!

Annual Camping Trip – Upgraded

Last week, Frank and I shoe-horned our annual camping trip into a brief good weather window, between Finnsnes i Fest, and Sommer i Nord (a Christian conference based at Finnsnes Church).

We only managed one night, and there was no time for berry picking, swimming or leisurely breakfasts. However, our accomodation was ‘upgraded’ from sleeping on a rock, to living in a ‘Hobbit Hole’!

This year our route was from Gjeska to Åndevatnet, and then on Tranøybotn.



Sarah used her special photo skills to capture these fine pre-walk pictures of me, and Frank (Gringo) Stellmacher:

We began with a ‘detour’ to see a waterfall (actually we set off on the wrong path which we rationalised as an opportunity for bonus pictures), adding a couple of kilometers to the walk:

Then we found the right path, leading to the right wterfall:


As we got higher, the view opened up behind us over the sea to Anderness:


We could see the rain skirting behind us, but we stayed dry:


Norwegian Gold (Møltebær / Cloudberry)

This is a 360 degree view from about the highest point on the walk, before we headed inland:


As we headed downwards towards Kapervatnet, there was a very extensive sign, the like of which we haven’t ecountered before. As comprehensive as it was, it didn’t warn of impending waterlogged bogs, in which I baptised my new boots (inside and out).

The path between Kapervatnet and Åndervatnet. 2 years ago we camped just to the right of the picture, and followed the same path:


This is Åndevatnet, the lake at the centre of the Ånderdalen national park, famous for it’s ‘frozen trees’ (see more pictures from our previous trip):


As far as accomodation was concerned, we had camping equipment with us, but there are a couple of walkers’ huts in the area. The first one we came to was already occupied, so we prayed that the other, an old style gammen, would be free, as walking in wet boots was becoming uncomfortable, and the ground was very waterlogged which didn’t bode well for camping.

Thankfully, on reaching the gammen we were greeted by no-one, and made the ‘hobbit hole’ our home for the night!





The next day, suitably dried out, we headed for Trannøybotn, across the bogs on plank walk ways:


24 km / 15 miles with good weather, good company and wonderful surroundings.

We’re already working on plans for 2017!

Happy Birthday Sarah (2016)

Today was a milestone birthday for Sarah. We are celebrating it with our freinds, Tim and Tracy, in the south of Norway. Clear blue sky, warm sunshine and a peaceful vally.

Tempting to call this next picture the waiting room . . . .


Or maybe something about Narnia:


Tomorrow we will eat ice cream . . .

Norse Nutters

It seems that a large part of Norway (nature and inhabitants) has gone a bit mad. In the last week or so, the south and west have had storm force winds, torrential rain, flooding and landslides:

Meanwhile Norway’s most accident prone ferry, crashed for the 7th time! After the fifth crash, the local mayor said she wanted it turning into nails, but instead it got a new paint job and a new name, but no improvement to it’s navigation:


However, it is the human madness which is the most terrifying. Someone decided that Trolltung (the troll’s tongue), would be a good place for a swing (approx 700m / 2200′ overhang):


Then another crazy decided to do a cartwheel 600m up, between 2 rock piers on Lofoton:


In the north, this evening everything was much calmer.

14 – 8 – 4

Happy birthday Susanna!

After 14 years, 8 months and 4 days, we are now teenfree!

We look forward to recovering the use of our TV, the fridge becoming a safe place to store food again, regaining the ability to walk across our spare room floor, and sitting down to eat breakfast together a little earlier than midday. Well, maybe not the last part!!



Være I Stillheten –

After a good Hurtigkonsert yesterday, with an appreciative audience, we look forward to Være i Stillheten, tomorrow (Friday 5th August, 2016, 8pm, FInnsnes church).

Være i Stillheten (roughly translated as ‘be in quietness’), is the series of occasion ‘concerts’ we perform, with live music, syncronised to video and still pictures, set in a loose liturgical framework. The idea grew out of the Midday Musical Moments which we ran for nearly 4 years at Prince George, in the US.

Være_i_stillheten_8a (2) copy

As you can see from the poster, tomorrow is a bit of a family affair, with Susanna, Sarah and I playing / sing. Here is the program:


  • Mozart                 Piano sonata (K.309, 2nd mvt.)
  • Michael Card     Arise my love
  • Bach                     Schmücke dich, o liebe Seele (BWV 654)
  • Handel                 If God is for us (from Messiah)        
  • Sibelius                Einsames Leid (from Op. 51)
  • Brahms               Intermezzo No. 1 (Op. 117)
  • Debussy              Clair de lune (Suite Bergamasque nr.3)
  • Giordani             Caro mio ben
  • Grieg                   Med en primula varis
  • Golland              Peace
  • Blamire             Unresolved

For those who want an idea of what to expect, here is Einsames Leid. The video was shot on the top of Vassbruntind (the highest peak in our kommune). For those not familiar with Norwegian, the texts are from Mark 6:31 (Jesus said to his disciples, ‘Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.’), and Matthew 11:29 (Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.).

And, here is the promo video (music is Brahms, Intermezzo Op. No. 1):


Maybe see you tomorrow?

Sunshine And Showers

Today we had our first family trip up Varden (our local top). We set out with warm sunshine and the assurance of the norwegian weather services new ‘app’ that all would be well. However, about 100m from the top the heavens opened, and we got an app-update to tell us they had changed their minds, and it would now rain for the next hour and a half!

So, we got rather wet:



Hurtigkonserten – Taster

Here is a taster of the Hurtigkonsert that Susanna and I will perform tomorrow (Wednesday 3 August, 2016, 11.20 am):

Here are the details again:

  • Ponchielli           Concerto for euphonium (excerpts)
  • John Golland    Peace
  • Jon Blamire      Copy Cats

Hurtig konsert 01e