Knallbra Vær

The last few days winter proper has returned to northern Norway, with a LOT of snow, followed by bright sunshine – something locals call knallbra vær. Google translate thinks this means cracking weather – we can only assume someone at google has been drinking lashings of ginger beer and teaching their computer to say “tally ho”. But whatever google’s idiosyncrasies, it has  been lovely today.

So we went skiing. Again.




We’ve also been getting a lot of icicles, some of which look a bit weird, others have been large enough to close the pavements in town due to the risk to life (apparently a six foot ice spear can do quite a bit of damage falling from the fourth floor!)

Without Falling

With some very mixed weather, we’ve been trying to fit in skiing when there is any snow!

Last Saturday I had a good couple of hours with my friend Gunnar, although it was a bit chilly at -15C / 5f. We skied a circuit at Finnfjordbotn (near Susanna’s old school). The best bit was that for the first time on that route, I didn’t fall once:



If you’re reading this via email, here is a YouTube video you’re missing.

After almost a week of suddenly higher temperatures (up to +10C !) and rain, the snow was pretty much gone. Thankfully yesterday it all came back, thanks to an ‘arctic low pressure’.

Today was another victory for not falling. This time Sarah managed a whole trip, enjoying the effects of gravity, whilst remaining upright:

If you’re reading this via email, see the video here.




Friends From The South

As soon as Hannah and Kris were safely on their way back to the UK, we had more English visitors, this time from the south of Norway. It was great to welcome Tim and Tracy for a long weekend, with lots of good conversation and food. We also managed a tour round the Senja tourist route, although, the weather was miserable, so the photo stops were brief. Here we were at Bergsbotn:



Brown Weather

Sadly Hannah and Kris’s ski plans were short lived. It turned out that downhill didn’t agree with Hannah’s ankle!

This resulted in an ambulance ride to the southern tip of Senja, an ambulance boat to Harstad hospital, and a 4 hour taxi ride back with her foot in plaster. The rest of the holiday was somewhat more sedate, although they did have time for one more boat ride to Harstad . . .


That was the fast boat heading into a very brown sunrise! The colours that week were quite extraordinary!



Still. it wasn’t all bad. We had some good times too, with yummy Sri Lankan food:


And I did get some ‘bonding’ time with my new son-in-law (and we both got to do quite a bit of bonding with the snow):