Annual Camping Trip – Upgraded

Last week, Frank and I shoe-horned our annual camping trip into a brief good weather window, between Finnsnes i Fest, and Sommer i Nord (a Christian conference based at Finnsnes Church).

We only managed one night, and there was no time for berry picking, swimming or leisurely breakfasts. However, our accomodation was ‘upgraded’ from sleeping on a rock, to living in a ‘Hobbit Hole’!

This year our route was from Gjeska to Åndevatnet, and then on Tranøybotn.



Sarah used her special photo skills to capture these fine pre-walk pictures of me, and Frank (Gringo) Stellmacher:

We began with a ‘detour’ to see a waterfall (actually we set off on the wrong path which we rationalised as an opportunity for bonus pictures), adding a couple of kilometers to the walk:

Then we found the right path, leading to the right wterfall:


As we got higher, the view opened up behind us over the sea to Anderness:


We could see the rain skirting behind us, but we stayed dry:


Norwegian Gold (Møltebær / Cloudberry)

This is a 360 degree view from about the highest point on the walk, before we headed inland:


As we headed downwards towards Kapervatnet, there was a very extensive sign, the like of which we haven’t ecountered before. As comprehensive as it was, it didn’t warn of impending waterlogged bogs, in which I baptised my new boots (inside and out).

The path between Kapervatnet and Åndervatnet. 2 years ago we camped just to the right of the picture, and followed the same path:


This is Åndevatnet, the lake at the centre of the Ånderdalen national park, famous for it’s ‘frozen trees’ (see more pictures from our previous trip):


As far as accomodation was concerned, we had camping equipment with us, but there are a couple of walkers’ huts in the area. The first one we came to was already occupied, so we prayed that the other, an old style gammen, would be free, as walking in wet boots was becoming uncomfortable, and the ground was very waterlogged which didn’t bode well for camping.

Thankfully, on reaching the gammen we were greeted by no-one, and made the ‘hobbit hole’ our home for the night!





The next day, suitably dried out, we headed for Trannøybotn, across the bogs on plank walk ways:


24 km / 15 miles with good weather, good company and wonderful surroundings.

We’re already working on plans for 2017!


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