Family Visit June 2017 – Part 2

We did the ‘Grand Tour’ of Senja.

Krokelvvatnet. Only about 800 feet above sea level, the lake was stilll frozenL





The view of ‘the devil’s teeth’ from Tungeneset:



Family Visit June 2017 – Part 1

We have serious catching up to do, with few posts for over a year. Here is the first part of Mum (Pam) and Andrew’s visit.

They arrived on a sunny day. Here are pictures from Rossfjord:








Evening meal on the balcony:


Next day it was midsummer. Acknowledging tha sleep is for sissy, we were obliged to talk a midnight stroll up Varden, out local top:




Andrew holding the midnight sun:

Mum And Dad Visit 2018 – Part 3

After a delicious pizza and pasta at Pinochios, we had a comfortable night at a hotel in Tromsø.

We wandered the old part of the city by the harbour:


The original culture house (must have been a squash):


Some other houses:

Anybody hazard a guess as to what this is?


One of the many street kiosks:


A house originally built for a wealthy shop owner which has served as a liquor store, hospital, and a seamans home (but not at the same time!):


After lunch we toured the botanic gardens. Whilst it was a bit late in the season, there were still flowers blossoming:


Some perennials:



Some other flowers:





Play time:


And some more plants:



A bit of bilingual info:


Then home via a yummy restaurant in Nordkjosbotn. All in all a nice trip!

Mum And Dad Visit 2018 – Part 1

This September we had a visit from mum and dad. Last time they had pretty dismal weather, but this time was really nice!

We kicked off with autumn walk at Rundmo in neighbouring Målselv kommune:


Can you see the king?




The river:



The hut for picnicing, with everything you need, summer or winter, kindly provided free! Just bring food.



And we headed home:



Anybody know what this, and they are used for?


We rounded off the day with some aurora from our balcony: