Intim Adventkonsert

For those of you in striking distance of Finnsnes, this Friday we have an  Intim Adventkonsert (intimate advent concert). It was originally scheduled to be in the våpenhus (foyer), but there is a suggestion that there wont be enough space for the expected audience, so we’re moving it into the sanctuary, and using lighting to focus on a small area. Also no-one will be allowed to sit at the back!!!

As well as Sarah and I, we have a very talented guest vocal group, the Tråsdahls, percussionist Benjamin Olsvik Nilsson, and guitarist Vebjørn Konradsen. Our Norwegian language coach, Siss Marit Andreassen is acting as host and reading poetry.

The concert has a flavour of advent and the north Norwegian winter.


Here is a little taster, recorded during a rehearsal today (for those reading this via email, click here to see the video):

The concert will include:

  • Å kom, å kom Immanuel
  • Vise ved vintersolskved
  • Coventry carol
  • The first mercy (Warlock)
  • Klokkene kaller
  • Det lid med natta Dagen stundar til
  • January – By the hearth (Tchaikovsky, from The Seasons)
  • Winter (2nd movt.) (Vivaldi , arranged for recorder and harmonium!!!)
  • Hellig er din gutt Maria
  • Mary did you know
  • Mitt hjerte alltid vanker
  • O hellig natt
  • Poems

Everyone welcome!

Missing Links

No, we haven’t suddenly gone all evolutionist.

But we have discovered a problem for those that are subscribed to the blog, and get new posts sent in an email. For some reason video links are omitted, rendering some posts meaningless, or at least less humourous / humorous.

So, you will need to read the posts on the internet to get the full effect. The last two were Following My Master

and Mystery Skier.


Following My Master

Just to reinforce how mild and snow free our winter has been so far, here is a short video, shot a little over a week ago, of me following our Lord’s instructions to the apostle Peter, whilst on my way to work:

In case anyone thinks I’m just in a puddle, that part of Finnsnes Vann is many feet deep! And no fancy editing or green screen was used!!

These are some other pictures taken on the way to work:

following_my_master_01 following_my_master_02

Mystery skier

The weather here has been very unusual, with pretty much no snow until last weekend. The last time there was so little was during WWII.

However, that changed on Sunday, with about 15cm / 6″. So, following the local advice to seize the opportunity, we had the seasons first ski trip on Monday, at Silsand on Senja. Whilst there, Sarah encountered a stylish ski, who was impossible to identify until he nearly ran her over:

Later, having figured out the focus, Sarah got these pictures with him:

The blue tinge to all the pictures is because we are now in mørketida (the couple of months of “dark time” when the sun doesn’t rise).

Turned out the ski trip was well timed, as in the evening the temperature rose above freezing, it began raining, and now everything is slush and ice.


Back in July, Susanna and I and two other friends had a an impromptu trip to Lofoten (the archipelago south of here). We stayed almost at the end of the chain, in a very picturesque village called Ballstad. Almost everything about Ballstad is well manicured and ordered. Even the seagulls sit in equispaced lines, and the outside of the shipyard shed is painted with a local mural (about 6 storeys high)!

The day after, we drove to Kabelvåg:

In Kabelvåg we met up with some friends of friends at the Lofoten Museum, mixture of old stuff, historical reconstructions, and aquariums:

And this was the 6 hour drive home:

We hope to take a slightly longer trip in 2017, not least because some friends have just moved to near Ballstad.

Arvid Hanssen Festival 2016

This week has been the Arvid Hanssen Festival in Finnsnes (our local arts festival, celebrating local poet, Arvid Hanssen).

Our Children and Youth choirs participated in the closing concert, “By A Coast”. The concert consisting mostly of premiers of new works by local composers. I managed to sneak in with a string arrangement of one of the choirs favourite songs – Har Du Fyr. Here was it’s premiere, with the Archangelsk State Chamber Orchestra and their conductor, Vladimir Onufriev: