This July we celebrated two major milestone, in advance of the beginning of August when they actually occurred: mum reached 80, and Susanna turned 21. To mark the occasion, pretty much the entire family gathered in York for a party (for mum), and a night out on the town (for Susanna). Here are some pictures.

The birthday girl and her big little sister:

The adorable grand-daughters:

The whole clan:

Bits and pieces:

The Blamire boys and their 1st born!

A really great day. Thanks to dad for organising it / us.



A New Home

A bit of slightly old news: we’ve bought an apartment in Finnsnes.

It’s considerably bigger than the place we rented, and we’ve already had a number of different guests. We moved in just before Easter this year. Here are some pictures.

Our first evening gathering

The view from our balcony – April (yes it was spring, then we got winter back!):






Come visit us!