Sol Selfie

Today, almost a week after we should have seen the sun return, we finally had a day with a clear horizon and a proper sunrise.

I couldn’t resist a Sol Selfie! Anyone have any tips to avoid the appearance of double chins, which clearly don’t exist in reality?!

First Snow – Autumn 2015

Continuing the with rather old pictures, here are some from a walk to Varden (the hill overlooking Finnsnes), early last October. It was not long after the first snow of the year. Just as we reached the snow line, the wind and snow started again, so we had to turn back as we weren’t that warmly dressed. Bizzarly though, this winter we haven’t changed from our summer to winter coats!




Return Of The Vikings

Very old news, but last October (!) we had another vist from TX Vikings, the Chrsitian body builders with an uncompromising gospel message of God’s love for all, even those with serious problems (drugs, violence, etc). See here and here for previous visits.

It was an amazing weekend, and people from within the wider parish community were much more involved than before with praying for and counselling the young (and not so young) people that responded. Time permitting, we hope to get some of the video editted this spring, but in the meantime, here are some pictures:

And thank you to everyone who prayed.

Våpenhuskonsert – January 2016

Tomorrow (Friday 22nd January) we’re performing another one of our Våpenhuskonsert (a concert in the foyer of Finnsnes church.

Vapenhuskonsert 06a copy


The program is looking like the following:

Recorder sonata Handel Recorder and harpsichord
Salme 330 Poem
For jeg elsker deg Veronika & Isabella
Voluntary Maurice Green Harpsichord
Vise ved vintersolkverv Stangnes Song
Arvid Hannsen Poems
January Tchaikovsky Piano and harmonium
Jag vill mota Poem
Gymnopedie 1 Satie Piano
Vær Utalmodig Poem
Scherzo and Choral Dubois Piano
Nord Poem
Er du nord Bremmnes Song
Jeg holder ditt hode Poem
Let her go Veronika & Isabella
Lullaby Peter Warlock Song
Den dag du gar oss Hymn

Vapenhuskonsert January 2016 composite 01 copyWe’re excited to have new performers with us. Isabella Johnsen and Veronika Eide are two very talented students at Nordborg (the local Christian high school), who recently joined the church band. Solveig Taylor is a teacher at the same school (known to the students as Mrs Taylor – she teaches English) and will be reading poetry between the music.

The venue is intimate, and with tempertures set to rise overnight from -15C to +2C, it should be nice and warm. Hopefully it will be a cozy, stemningsful (atmospheric) time with acoustic music, and a slightly ‘old-fashioned’ feel of home-spun entertainment (before the days of TV).

As ever, we round off the evening with coffee and cake!

VELKOMMEN (welcome).

Instant Snow

Having moaned about the lack of proper winter, this week Norway has been gripped by an icy blast.

Susanna returned to the UK yesterday and the first leg of her journey was delayed because the airport had only perpared de-icer for -23C / -10f and the wings were iced at -25C / -13f. Thankfully she still made the conection in Oslo and got home on time.

Today the forecast was for -32C / -26f. Spurred on by an article which said you could take pictures like the following, at temperatures below -30C / 22f . . .

(picture taken by Michael H. Davies)

. . . we decided to take a trip to the airport and try for ourselves.

Why the airport? Because it’s regularly 15C colder there than in Finnsnes!

In the event, we only got halfway, before the temperature was almost -33C / -28f:

Instant_Snow_00bWe couldn’t take piactures like Michael’s, because we don’t yet have any sun!, but these are what we came up with:


So, that’s almost boiling water to instant ice / snow. Cool!

Happy Norwegian New Year

Happy New Year / Godt Nytt År!

An unseasonably warm day (+4C / 40f), everything melting and not very photogenic. It was too cloudy last night to see the apparently spectacular aurora (caused by a huge explosion on the sun), so here are some unpublished pictures from last year: