4 Years And Counting

Four years ago last week I came to Norway. A lot has happened, some exciting, some sad. The rate of change in Norwegian society is enormous, with even younger Norwegians saying they don’t understand how their society can change so quickly!

It’s tempting to look around at that the backdrop of scenery and say it points to something more permenant, but whilst the mountains are fixed, the seasonnal patterns also seem to be changing quickly. This year the spring thaw came at least a month earlier than in 2012. Global warming?

Here are some pictures from a week ago. The mountain is Kistefjell seen across Gisund (the sea) from the Senja:



The one true constant? Our eternal Father, the creator, sustainer and redeemer of this wonderful world.

Bedtime Aurora

Last night we were able to sit in bed and watch the aurora. It’s quite rare that the aurora are this strong, and in this direction.

As the aurora died down on the bedroom side they moved to the other side of the apartment block, so these were taken outside looking out over Finnsnes. It was really windy so some of the shots suffered vibration, even with atripod.