Lunar Eclipse 2016

Last night there was a partial lunar eclipse. Unfortunately I found out about it just as it was ending. Still I got a picture with the partial shadow and the brown colouration, followed by a couple of hours later, once things were back to normal. Amazing what a hand-held modern camera can do!

lunar_eclipse_2016_01 lunar_eclipse_2016_02

Early Aurora

Since coming back from our holiday in the south, almost everything has restarted for the autumn / winter season. As yet we haven’t had snow, but the sunny days have been fewer, even in this rather grey year.

Last night we got partially clear skies, together with our first sighting of the aurora since summer. Even though they were technically ‘strong’, the fact that it’s still not completely dark at night reduces the contrast, making them harder to photograph. I need to remember the best camera settings, but here are some pictures (rather varied quality!):

The clear skies continued today, so we had a sunny stroll down to the quay,  ate lunch on the veranda, and Sarah tried out our new sun lounger: aparently a soporific combination!