Welcome to Arctic Organist 2!

A bit over 3 years ago the Arctic Organist blog was created to give a window on our ‘adventure’ to the Norwegian arctic. Now that first blog is now ‘full’ (6110 photos taking 3GB of storage)! Also, our odyssey became a sojurn and now looks quite permenant. So, this is Arctic Organist 2, with the kantor and organist in Finssnes.

If you’re interested in the first blog, it’s here, and began like this:

Welcome to my world! Or at least, welcome to my adventure.

This is really an invitation to come on a voyage of discovery as I (the organist) move from sunny South Carolina (USA) to Lenvik (Norway). I’ve taken the position of Kantor 2 in the Lenvik parish of Den Norske Kirke (the Norwegian state church), and as I discover what this really means, I’ll post updates, hopefully with lots of pictures. This is not something that would ever have crossed my mind, but due to a series of ‘Godincidences’ I’m on the way. It’s not a journey I want to take on my own, so I rely on the Lord as He guides.

Please post your comments, and let me know what you think.

17 thoughts on “About

  1. Happy to hear that you arrived safe & sound..The pictures are wonderful.. Looks like a great place to fish..Char, trout & salmon I’ll bet.
    Thanks for sharing.


  2. Hello, Jonathan and family. I’m David’s Collins’ daughter. We’ve met a few time when y’all were in Georgetown. He turned me onto your blog and I look forward to reading much more.


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