Egersund And Eigerøy

Continuing our holiday in the south, we had a half day trip to Egersund, a pretty little town on the coast, and Eigerøy, the island behind which Egersund shelters.

On the way we drove beside a very popular salmon fishing river (even the king of Norway fishes there).


At one point there is a particularly ferocious waterfall, so in order to encourage fish past it, they have built a salmon ladder:

In Egersund we had the obligatory visit to the chocolate shop (hand made chocolates, home made chocolate cakes, and hot chocolate to wash it down), visited the church (closed, because the summer holidays finished in the south of Norway last week), and had a bit of a wander:

And finally, on to Eigerøy (the island), to see the old lighthouse (fyrstasjon). It’s about a mile walk from the car park: idylic in the late summer sun, but probably very windswept in the winter!


We were greeted by what I assumed were the rather delapidated remains:

Sometimes it’s good to be wrong, and walking up the final hill, we saw the real lighthouse!


It is apparently Norways first iron lighthouse, and is still active, although automated, and with a tea room in the old keepers house.

Egersund_And_Eigerooy_033 Egersund_And_Eigerooy_032 Egersund_And_Eigerooy_030

Whilst Tim and I took photos, Sarah tried the rocks for comfort:


Here is a very strange looking ship, and some of the flora and fauna we encountered:

Another wonderful day.


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