One facet of my time in the US has been working with video, and here are links to some of them. Hint: Click on the  button in the bottom right corner to view full screen. Also, connect your computer to decent loudspeakers – the sound is great!

It has been great fun to work with Jeremiah Scott and I’m very pleased with the results. Especially check out his version of Firework:


I have a YouTube Channel with a mixture of music and preaching. I initially set it up as a test site and gave it a silly name, not realizing that the name can’t be changed, but as of now (April 2012) there have been over 400000 visits, so I don’t want to scrap it now! A good place to start is Amazing Journey from the church Vacation Bible School in 2011 and Jesus Calls Me (2010):


In a very different vein are some choir videos from an AGO youth choir festival weekend:


Since coming to Norway, I have started to work on some videos to go with live music. Here is Morning by Grieg, with images from the area (sorry for the really bad piano tuning!):

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