Summer In The South

In August we made our ‘annual pilgrimage’ to visit Tim and Tracy in the south of Norway. This year the sun didn’t shine to order, but we still had a lovely, relaxing time, with some trips out between the showers.

Monday evening we had a stroll to the beach (10 km round trip). Note, the black sheep awaiting ‘whitening’, and the rowan tree full of berries (which apparently is a sign of a bad winter to come):

Tuesday we investigated the old tungsten mine across the valley:

Wednesday was Sarah’s birthday. We had a trip to the lighthouse at Eigerøy:

Thursday Sarah went into Sandnes to help with some errands, so Tim and I had a quick trip to ‘their’ beach. On the way we investigated a path which is alleged to run up the side of the valley 2000′  and over to the next. Can you see it (we couldn’t!)?

Friday we had time for a quick meet and greet with the local cuties, before heading northwards, to the sunshine:

Thanks for a great week!

2 thoughts on “Summer In The South

  1. Just took some time to follow your adventures! When I listened to a few recordings, I thought how fruitful you and Sarah are! What a wonderful ministry together. Congratulations on your new apartment. We are finally pouring concrete in the basement of our new home in Rock Hill today. After many years, Andy will have a workshop at home. This house and its property is such a blessing to us! My best to you both. You are dear to my heart. Karen


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