Choir Tour To Trondheim – Day 2

Day two of our youth choir tour to Trondheim continued on board the MS Polarlys, one of the coastal steamers in the Hurtigruten fleet. Day 1 is here.

We woke to calm sees as we sailed south. During breakfast we crossed the polar circle, marked originally by a pile of stones, and now by a fancy monument. Our cheery tour commentator invited everyone out on deck to participate in “a special ceremony, sure to create memories, and to receive a special gift (but only for participants)”. Some of the girls decided to go, but the breakfast buffet was too alluring for the adults. Shortly the girls came back with tales of being given “tran” to drink (cod liver oil), and sporting their commemorative spoons. Minnerik (rich memories) indeed.

The route took us through archipelago with hundreds of islands, some just a rock, others big enough for small communities, served by ferries.

Towards lunch time we were all invited out on deck to greet the seven sister (a distinctive and famous group of mountains):

At least from a distance, the scurrying ferries sometimes seemed pretty close to each other:

At the southern end of Alsten (the island with the seven sisters) is the medieval village of Alsthaug with an unusual church, and a viking burial mound.

Further south, we stopped at Brønnøysund, where we disembarked and sang a short concert on the quay (sorry, no pictures, again), then we hopped back on board, and sang a full concert in the panorama bar on the top deck of the ship. This generated a lot of great feedback, and even the youngest in the choir had to speak to their new fans in English. Just before dinner, we were treated to an amazing sunset, and the opportunity for one of the best pictures I think I have every taken.


And on to Trondheim . . . .


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