Choir Tour To Trondheim – Day 1

At the end of September we were privileged to take 12 from our youth choir (ungdomskor) on a short trip to Trondheim. To make it ore special, we traveled south ny Hurtigruten – the coastal ‘steamer’ / goods transport / post ship / cruise liner.

To capture your interest, here is a video from the trip:

And here is a more detailed description.

We met up at 4.15 am (!) on the quay in Finnsnes, in rain and fog to be ushered on board the MS Polarlys, assigned our cabins, and immediately off to bed.

We woke for breakfast as we left Harstad:

We quickly found out that we had a very ‘keen’ tourist leader on the crew, who came over the intercom from 7.30am til 11pm with tri-lingual announcements about interesting things to see and do (Norwegian, English and German). His first ‘highlight’ was a hole through a mountain, apparently big enough to walk through.

The next port of call was Risøyhamn in Lofoten. Interesting fact – the bridge is only 0.5 m taller than the ship:

So we sailed on to Sortland, over mirror flat seas with blazing sunshine. The only slight problem was that there was a technical problem with the jacuzzi!

We didn’t get off, instead enjoying the view from the coffee lounge on the top deck, before sailing again, for Stokmarknes:

In Stokmarknes we sang a quick concert on the quay, to the delight of many tourists (sorry, no pictures). Then we had a few minutes to see the centre of the town:

Under another low bridge, then south again, to Svolvær. On the way we navigated a long, narrow passage, with high mountains rising from the sea, and small islands used as traffic bollards:

Before reaching Svolvær, we took an unscheduled detour into Trollfjord, a ‘deadend, only 80m wide, with cliffs rising 1000m straight up. The choir got to sing again, this time out on deck!


And then to Svolvær itself:

Dinner was served as we sailed from Svolvær, and just as everyone was about ready for bed, our friendly guide announced northern lights. Most of our party declared them not as good as at home, before going to bed. However, I’m a fan:


Day two coming soon . . .




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