Rundmo is a hamlet in Målselv kommune, just over the border from our home kommune of Lenvik. At the beginning of September several people mentioned a very pleasant walk from Rundmo, up into the mountains, with a gapahuk (basically a half a house) part way, and a gamon (old fashioned hunting lodge – hobbit house) a bit further on. We picked a glorious early autumn day and set off with a picnic, joined by our good freind Gunnar, who taught us to ski, and has just started on the staff in our parish.

Leaving the car at the end of the road, we walked up through the birch forest with it’s rich red autumn ground cover, beside a small river, passing open areas of wet land (mires), before reaching the gapahuk and a lunch stop. The gapahuk was very well equipped, with a fire pit, wood, candles (!), matches, etc. So despite the warm sun, we had a traditional fire. In fact, it was so pleasant and warm, we decided not to go further, and just sit and chat, until it was time to go home. Very relaxing.



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