Happy Easter 2017!

Happy Easter from the Arctic! Almost exactly 5 years since I moved to Norway.

We have had an amazing Easter festival week, culminating in an all night youth event last night (40 young people came) and a morning service with well over double the normal number of people (almost unheard of in Norway!). Here is a rough recording of one of the hymns from our Easter morning service. More to come soon.



4 thoughts on “Happy Easter 2017!

  1. Happy Easter to you and Sarah! We had three services, two with the best brass I’ve ever worked with. They have all played with me before and that begins to pay off! Used “13 Easter Hymns Made Easy” from St. James Music Press. For each hymn, there are the SATB parts for 2 trumpets and 2 trombones and then a counter melody for one of the trombones and finally a trumpet descant. They are good settings. I heartily recommend them.

    We move to Rock Hill in two weeks. Its boxes upon boxes. Then I continue to work here through Sunday, May 21st. No new job yet in sight, however, I will get my foot in the door by substituting. Looking forward to being with Andy again. Karen

    Karen Kearney

    Organist & Choirmaster

    Church of the Resurrection

    8901 Highway 17 Bypass

    Surfside Beach, SC 29575

    Email: KKearney@resurrectionsurfside.org

    (843) 215-4500


  2. Think of y’all often. Hard to believe it’s been five years. I love your posts and seeing how the Lord has used you to grow and encourage the faithful. And I love hearing your music.




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