Knallbra Vær

The last few days winter proper has returned to northern Norway, with a LOT of snow, followed by bright sunshine – something locals call knallbra vær. Google translate thinks this means cracking weather – we can only assume someone at google has been drinking lashings of ginger beer and teaching their computer to say “tally ho”. But whatever google’s idiosyncrasies, it has  been lovely today.

So we went skiing. Again.




We’ve also been getting a lot of icicles, some of which look a bit weird, others have been large enough to close the pavements in town due to the risk to life (apparently a six foot ice spear can do quite a bit of damage falling from the fourth floor!)


One thought on “Knallbra Vær

  1. It was lovely. Unfortunately I did my back in clearing the snow that the tractor had thoughtfully pushed against my garage door. However, I did manage to take some pictures of my own. You can see them here and here


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