Norse Nutters

It seems that a large part of Norway (nature and inhabitants) has gone a bit mad. In the last week or so, the south and west have had storm force winds, torrential rain, flooding and landslides:

Meanwhile Norway’s most accident prone ferry, crashed for the 7th time! After the fifth crash, the local mayor said she wanted it turning into nails, but instead it got a new paint job and a new name, but no improvement to it’s navigation:


However, it is the human madness which is the most terrifying. Someone decided that Trolltung (the troll’s tongue), would be a good place for a swing (approx 700m / 2200′ overhang):


Then another crazy decided to do a cartwheel 600m up, between 2 rock piers on Lofoton:


In the north, this evening everything was much calmer.


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