Segla 2

We are now on our long Norwegian summer holidays. Sarah has 5 weeks in England, mostly with her mum. I have 3 weeks at home here in north Norway. This summer the weather has been largely poor (low, grey cloud, with occasional rain and cool temperatures). However, today the sun came out, so I and about half the tourists in the area headed to Segla, a mountain on Senja. I went with a young freind (a refugee who for security reasons his face can’t be shown), whom I will call the “Mountain Goat” because that’s how he walks / runs!

Segla means Sail in Norwegian, because on the cliff side, that’s what it looks like (photo from winter):

This is the view from half way up:


And this is the 360 degree view from the top:


Click here for an interactive panorama.

Here are some more views:


Whilst at the top some low cloud blew across, which created an amazing triple rainbow below us! A couple of the pictures are a little enhanced:


And this was on the way back down:


A satisfying 640 m / 2096 ft!


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