Swan Lake

On the island of Senja is the charmingly named Svannvatnet – Swan Lake. It’s right beside the main road, which runs on a short causeway, with the lake on one side, and the sea on the other. We pass it quite regularly, but have never seen swans there, until last week, And a charming sight they were, adding extra beauty to already wonderful journey to Husøy, last Sunday for confirmations.


It’s not just swans. There are curlews, ducks and seagulls:


This was the view on the sea side. The ship is the oldest boat in the Hurtigruten fleet of ‘coastal steamers’ which combine to serve as local ferry, tourist cruise ship and cargo transport:


On the subject of seagulls, our noisy neighbours returned to Finnsnes about 3 weeks ago and are now disturbing the peace 24 hours a day (we don’t yet have the midnight sun, but we we do have 24 hours of ‘useable’ daylight). But according to the government, we’ve got to love them, as they’re in danger of extinction!


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