Påskefestuka 2016

Part of our recent busyness has been preparing for Påskefestuke 2016 – our Easter festival week.

Påskefestuke is something we inherited from previous kantors here in Finnsnes, and consists of a variety of cultural events, in addition to the usual service for Holy Week (Palm Sunday / Palmesøndag, Maundy Thursday / Skjærtorsdag, Good Friday / Langfredag, Holy Saturday / Påskenatt, and Easter Day / Første Påskedag).

Back in the hayday of the Norwegian Church, there was lots of money and often the cultural events were hired in, but now there is no culture budget, so it’s down to Sarah and I, plus volunteers, to whom we are extremely grateful.

This year the program is:

Påskefestuka 2016 - for plakat - v1b

The festival brochure can be downloaded here.

We’ll write about the individual events soon – in case you’re in the area and have time to drop!


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