Smoke On The Water

Sorry that the gaps are getting bigger between blog posts have been rather long. Things here have been super-busy, even by our standards.  They include, a concert tour to England with our children and youth choir, and leading an Alpha course for arabic speaking Syrians (it’s a long story . . . .). This, combined with a very ‘grey’ winter has given little visual to blog about.

A couple of weekends ago people in Finnsnes began commenting that on an otherwise sunny day there was a thick haze, the like of which they hadn’t seen before . . .


Later on a trip out to teach some hymns and songs to a group of our konfirmands, we found the cause of this mysterious ‘weather’:

The local smelterverk seemed  to be having problem with it’s filtration system. Not very environmentally freindly, but a good excuse to quote Deep Purple.


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