Christmas 2 – 2015

Norway doesn’t do things by halves. Each of the major Christian holidays has two days of celebration (it used to be 3).

That meant that today we ‘had’ to have another Christmas dinner. This time with freinds at church. We had mostly traditional English food, although without ‘proper’ English sausages or parsnips (not available in this part of the world). Still, the company more than compensated.



2 thoughts on “Christmas 2 – 2015

  1. Perhaps, since Christmas Eve (Julaften), wasn’t always what it now is, it may still be said that there are three days. I believe that before the war, the main day of Christmas was Christmas Day (1. juledag). So if we have now lost 3.juledag, we have made up for it by the inclusion of Christmas Eve as a de facto Christmas festival day.


    1. The thought about the redistribtution of the three days of Christmas struck me too. Now we just need to reinstate them for Easter and Pentecost too.


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