Mr. Snickers Builds A Synagogue

Avid readers may recall periodic mentions of the adventures of Mr. Snickers. Mr. Snickers is the concrete block sculpture of a rabbit, made during my youth, which accompanied us to South Carolina, but had to remain there due to the possibility of concrete quarantine on arrival in Norway (and the fact that he weighed to much to put in hand luggage). You can read more here, and here.

Left in the care of our good freind David Collins, he has since taken on a new life, supervising David, supervising construction projects around the US.

Here are some pictures from his latest project: building a synagogue for an English rabbi in Charleston, SC:

David comments, Mr. Snickers directing the concrete pour for Chabad of Charleston and the Low Country, not to be confused with The Netherlands.  Mr. Snickers says; “Fresh concrete! Yum, yum!”.

I’m inclined to run a caption competition for the second picture. Here’s my entry:

Workers enjoy a game of musical status during a tea break.


Due to the viscosity of wet concrete, Moses ‘White Boots’ found out to his cost that you can’t just smite your way across all liquid obstacles . . .


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