The Back Road To Tromsø

Last December we had a wonderful wedding anniversary weekend in Tromsø. We came home via the scenic route although the second half of the journey it was dark, so we couldnæt enjoy the view.

At the end of September we had a day trip to Tromsø and drove the same route (in reverse), through Målselv and under a newish toll tunnel. It’s not as fast as the main route, but very beautiful, especially in autumn.


As we set off there were dramatic clouds over Gisundet (the sea between the mainland and Senja):


Autumn here tends to be yellow and gold coloured because the trees are largely birch. However, there is an occasional splash of red. These pictures are from close to Målselv:


Several people have told us about a local working water-powered saw mill, but the description of it’s location has always been a bit vague. We found it because a number of Japanese tourists were stood by the road taking photos – otherwise it would have been easy to miss. There are two water wheels: the larger one powers the saw, and the smaller one moves the trees. Very clever:




These views are around Malagen, a large fjord:




The next photo stop was a bus stop roughly in the middle of nowhere, but with a large parking area for taxis, there to meet the school bus. Overlooking Stålvikbotn, it’s a great place to wait, but probably rather cold in the winter:The_Back_Road_To_Tromso_035

This is Mestervik:


After Mestervik the road runs up and over the hills, cutting off a long drive around a peninsula, before dipping down to run along side Malongen again (this fjord has many ‘fingers’). On the way down to the fjord the hillside literally looked like it was on fire with autumn colours, which led to the biggest mistake of the day: not stopping for a picture!



Despite seeing Tromsø in the distance, just before the tunnel entrance, the winding roads and low speed limits mean it takes about 45 minutes to arrive!


We rounded out the day with a meal in the coop cafe, a trip to the cinema to see Everest (exciting but very noisy), and drove home in the dark. Very nice.

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