We’ve just arrived in mørketida (the polar night, when the sun doesn’t rise). It’s felt unusaully dark this year because until a couple of days ago we’ve had no snow. Now we finally have a little taste of winter, with about 3 inches of snow on the ground, but the forecast is for warmer temperatures and rain in the next few days, which means it wont last long.

Ever since we arrived here, Oddmund, one of our semi-retired clergy, has given us the advice that we should seize ‘good’ weather moments, because you don’t know how long they will last. He is a keen skier, so after church today, I told him I was following his advice and would leave, med engang (at once) to go skiing in Silsand (just over the bridge on Senja) where a website stated the ski trail had been prepared. This brought a slightly unexpected reply: “It’s only been prepared for the halvgal (half mad)”! “What, like foreigners”, I joked. “No, for the people who do ski training year round”.

Turns out, Oddmund was right. 3 inches of snow is actually not that much, so there were no proper pre-formed tracks, and the lights hadn’t been turned on (important when setting off at 2.30 pm and it’s nearly dark) . The only other skier I met had a headlamp.

Still it was nice to get out for some fresh, cold air.



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