Annual Camping Trip – 2015 – Part 2

This is part 2 of my annual camping trip with our youth minister / catechist. Part 1 is here.

You can see a proper interactive map of the route here, otherwise this small map shows the rough route:

Annual_Camping_Trip_-_2015_-_Part 1_Map

After a night completely zipped into our sleeping bags to avoid mosquitos, we awake to a beautiful day:

Annual_Camping_Trip_-_2015_-_Part 2_001

A great view for breakfast:

After breakfast we broke camp, setting off in search of water for drinking and washing. First stop was Lutvatnet, for a ‘refreshing’ swim and a spot of washing up:

Annual_Camping_Trip_-_2015_-_Part 2_010

Annual_Camping_Trip_-_2015_-_Part 2_012

Then onwards towards Reinlivatnat for lunch. On the way we met our photocopier technician, out for a spot of fishing. Tempting as another swim was in the heat of the day, a slightly chill wind and the presence of snow right beside the water decided us against bathing.

Annual_Camping_Trip_-_2015_-_Part 2_013

Annual_Camping_Trip_-_2015_-_Part 2_014

Annual_Camping_Trip_-_2015_-_Part 2_015

After lunch it was on toward Finnskardvatnet. We gained some height and looking back we could see Sørreisa where our wives we otherwise engaged with a wedding.

Annual_Camping_Trip_-_2015_-_Part 2_019

There were many small un-named lakes along the way, some with the most amazing turquoise colour:

Annual_Camping_Trip_-_2015_-_Part 2_020

Annual_Camping_Trip_-_2015_-_Part 2_021

You can see an interactive 360 degree panorama here.

The view now opened up again with the islands out towards Andeness:

Annual_Camping_Trip_-_2015_-_Part 2_028

Apart from the breeze, the only sound was an occasional bird:

Annual_Camping_Trip_-_2015_-_Part 2_029

The rest of the walk was pretty much downhill, through woodland and in the company of a river which was also heading to Storbunkevatnet:

The wind dropped, leaving the lake like a mirror:

Annual_Camping_Trip_-_2015_-_Part 2_040

Not wanting to be too sweaty in the car for the hour drive home, it was obviously time for another swim. Frank also claims that he now knows how to avoid feeling cold: just keep yelling “Det går bra” (It’s going great)!

And finally to Olaheimvatnet, where Sarah picked us up.

Another good tour!


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