Annual Camping Trip – 2015 – Part 1

August meant it was time for my annual camping trip with our youth minister / catechist. We continued we picked up where we left off last year on the main north – south walking path on Senja.  You can see a proper interactive map of the route here, otherwise this small map shows the rough route:

Annual_Camping_Trip_-_2015_-_Part 1_Map

The first day was from Tranoybotn to Selfjordvatnet. As ever, we set off rather later than we had thought we would, but at least we were spared the heat of the day! The first couple of hours we retraced our steps from last year, through Ånderdalen nation park to Åndervatnet (a lake). Much of this section is over wetland. In order to protect the environment (and to avoid visitors sinking in the mud), there is a plank walkway:

At the lake we stopped for sandwiches, although flies kept us from sitting too long! Then we set off across more wetland (this time without the aid of planks), before walking up beside a river with waterfalls and a great view back over Åndervatnet. As evening fell and we got higher, the mountains were revealed in ‘layers’:

Annual_Camping_Trip_-_2015_-_Part 1_015

Despite the path being the main tourist walking route on Senja, there were many sections where the path was not obviously worn, so we were very grateful to the people who go out and paint red spots on trees and rocks, to keep us on the straight and narrow:


Annual_Camping_Trip_-_2015_-_Part 1_030

You can see an interactive 360 degree panorama here.

This summer has on balance not been very hot or sunny, so there is considerably more snow left than in previous years:


A little higher, we encountered dinner a couple of reindeer. All the reindeer on Senja are owned by one of two families, so hence we only shot them with a camera!

Annual_Camping_Trip_-_2015_-_Part 1_050

By now it was headed for 10pm, the sun was long gone and we were starting to loose the light Even so, the view was beautiful:

Annual_Camping_Trip_-_2015_-_Part 1_055

You can see an interactive 360 degree panorama here.

From the highest point of the first days walking we could see south to the bridge from the mainland to Dyrøy, and west to the archepeligo between Senja and Andenes:

As we began to descend towards Selfjordvatnet we encountered a former relative of the reindeer (no it wasn’t the remains of our dinner!). Frank thought it would be good to get a couple of pictures we could use on Christmas cards; you’ve been warned:

The antlers were very heavy.

As we approached Selfjordvatnet it was nearly dark and it became quickly apparent that there was no way down to the lake from the path, so we found a flat spot with enough space to make a fire and set up camp. We didn’t have a tent this year, but we both had ‘military’ grade sleeping bags with water proof and heat reflecting outers which simplified life. During the last hour of walking all the streams we crossed were empty (suprising give it’s been a wet summer), but thankfully we had enough water with us to make soup and a cup of tea. And of course we had a view . . .

Annual_Camping_Trip_-_2015_-_Part 1_086

Part coming very soon.



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